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Bad Things Happen to A GOOD Person

My sister Jeanette Manning has been a nurse for 35 plus years working long shifts, constantly on her feet aiding others while suffering from Charcot Foot due to diabetic complications. Most of her 35 years of service were night shifts at the same hospital, South Central Regional Hospital, in a small Mississippi town. During ten

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Horses Healing People

People don’t rescue horses, horses rescue people. They did me. Paying it forward, on Dec. 29th, 2015, I announced “Whatever Ails You Equine-Assisted Sessions” on Facebook. Within 6 hours, I was booked for the entire month of February. There is no riding these horses because all the magic happens on the ground. Using my natural

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Lost Fathers Tear a Family Apart

[vc_video link=”″] On September 15th 2015 Sunset City Police and emergency services rolled up on what they thought was a “medical” call, but in fact, turned out to be a homicide. As Leslie describes it, her daughter’s dad was murdered by her son’s dad. Now her kids have lost everything and she has lost two

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Bullied Teen Finds A Reason to Smile

[vc_video link=”″] Ivy and her brother were abandoned by their parents five years ago and are now living with their grandmother. Ivy doesn’t understand why her parents would leave her behind. Ivy has another problem; she is being bullied. It really hurts my feelings. It-it’s like I try my hardest to supposedly be normal. I

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Help Warm a Widow’s Heart and Home

[vc_video link=”″] Glenda just buried her husband who died of cancer and she’s also lost three of her five children. Currently she’s freezing inside of her home without a furnace, and her house is missing walls, windows, and insulation. Good Deed Revolution has helped to put a Band-Aid on the problem by delivering a load of

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Tom, Will You Be My Wingman

[vc_video link=”″] This is Brandy Vega from Good Deed Revolution. We are a nonprofit dedicated to changing the world one good deed at a time. And right now we really need your help to make a hero’s final dreams come true. For nearly 15 years he’s fought fires and now he’s battling terminal lung cancer.

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A Hero’s Dying Wish

[vc_video link=”″] Travis Peterson excepted death 20 years ago. He just didn’t know how I would come. Travis is been fighting fires for nearly 15 years now he’s fighting for his life. Late Summer/Fall of 2014 he started noticing numbness in his right hand and found out it was fibrosarcoma. It went to the lungs,

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Giving at Work

David Hutmacher of Marietta, Ga., wrote of the generosity he received from co-workers when he became seriously ill three years ago. After three hospital stays, including two surgeries, he had used up all of his vacation and sick leave. “It was the end of the year and my last paycheck at the first of December

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Kindness in Passing

A simple act of kindness on a hot day nearly 50 years ago left a lasting memory for Dan Sullivan. “There is hardly anything more boring than traveling in a military convoy,” Sullivan writes. “In late 1955, a deuce-and-a-half truck filled with a dozen GIs and I were crawling across northern Iowa. It was hot,

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