Help Warm a Widow’s Heart and Home

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Glenda just buried her husband who died of cancer and she’s also lost three of her five children. Currently she’s freezing inside of her home without a furnace, and her house is missing walls, windows, and insulation. Good Deed Revolution has helped to put a Band-Aid on the problem by delivering a load of firewood for her fireplace, the main source of heat in her home, but she needs much more.

Brandy Vega visited Glenda to tell her about the firewood, deliver some food, a blanket and few other presents and to offer her condolences over the loss of her husband.

“Hey [Glenda] your sweet daughter-in-law, Eileen, told me that maybe you could use some firewood to keep warm. I’ve got a load of firewood coming today at 3 o’clock to be delivered to you OK?”

Brandy also told Glenda that Good Deed Revolution is trying to get her a furnace. Glenda thought that would be wonderful. She hasn’t had a furnace in 38 years. Glenda sleeps in her living room because that is where the fireplace is, making it the warmest room in the house.

When we asked her what her greatest wish was, Glenda told us it was to finish her house so she wouldn’t get all the cold air through it. And when Glenda was asked about her health, how her heart was doing, she replied sweetly, “Um, it’s grateful.”

Glenda was very happy by the time Brandy left. Still sad over the passing of her husband, but happy for the kindness shown to her.

“I didn’t think there was anybody like this around. Thank you so much. I appreciate it. It’s going to help a whole lot keeping myself and my dog warm.”

So come on good deed doers, what do you say? Can we help get her home fixed up in a furnace installed? We have the power to make this happen. I know we can. We have the power to make this happen with your donations and by sharing. So if you can share this on the sites that you can think of using hashtags #gooddeedrevolution, #GDR, #helpawidow. You can also visit the page we have set up to help Glenda get her furnace. Please join us now at and contribute to these good deeds, acts of kindness, pay it forwards.

Let’s be the good we seek in the world.

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