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Paying It Forward, Utah to Africa – Proof That 1 Good Thing Leads To Another

For Heidi, she went to change the lives of others, but the one life she didn’t expect to be affected so much was her own. She is such an inspiration to us all. To get involved in the community you don’t have to do good deeds international, you don’t have to do BIG things. You can do little things right here in your own back yard.

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Surprise Backyard Makeover After BYU Student’s Dad Passes Away

After Wesley’s father died unexpectedly, leaving himself, his mother, and 4 siblings behind. He had been complaining of chest pain and had made an appointment to see his Doctor the following week. Sadly, it was too late. Wesley’s sister went to get a ride from her father when she noticed he was not breathing. Paramedics

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Adopt Don’t Shop! Must See Video That Will Shock You

As many of us get ready to celebrate Christmas with family and friends, it is a good time to think “not only” of those who will go without a gift but those who go without a family every single day of the year. Right now, there are close to half a million children in Foster

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Teen Defies Odds and Inspires Hundreds on Trek

14 year old Nick Ross, from Kaysville, Utah defied the odds by walking over 30 miles across the Wyoming plains honoring the pioneers…16 miles in just one day! Doctors feared Nick would struggle walking to classes in school His family thought he would be pulled in a cart but he had different plans. He has

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Suicidal Drug Addict Taking Hits Starts Giving Them & Changing Lives

[vc_video link=””] Rob Eastman was a hardcore drug addict using every drug you could think of for years. He was depressed and found himself in the mountains with a gun. He was going to kill himself when his daughter popped into his head and instead of taking his life he decided to live. He drove

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Superheroes Battle “Big White” To Help Sick Kids

[vc_video link=”″] It was an early summer morning at Lagoon, superheroes from across a spectrum of universes were gathering for one battle, one cause. They were there to take on Lagoon’s “White” Roller Coaster. To help sick children and their families, these heroes embarked on a two-hour marathon in an effort to raise money for

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Who’s Excited To Make Burritos?

[vc_video link=”″] The Legacy Initiative, a community partner organization based in American Fork, UT, get volunteers together the first Saturday of every month to, “…fight hunger, provide humanitarian aid, and educate people through community partnerships not just for today, but for our future.” Since May their monthly event has been a Feed the Streets Outreach.

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Retired Marine Creates A Safe Haven For Kids

[vc_video link=”″] Susan Sutherland isn’t your typical daycare provider. She retired from the U.S. Marine Corp as a nurse practitioner after almost 30 years of service. That is when she found here new calling. She started Twenty-Four/Seven Daycare in West Valley, Utah. She wanted to create a clean, safe, haven for kids. For Susan, a

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