Bullied Teen Finds A Reason to Smile

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Ivy and her brother were abandoned by their parents five years ago and are now living with their grandmother. Ivy doesn’t understand why her parents would leave her behind.
Ivy has another problem; she is being bullied.

It really hurts my feelings. It-it’s like I try my hardest to supposedly be normal. I kind of wish that I could have straighter teeth, and that I could actually be more proud of my smile than I am now.


Ivy is embarrassed to smile. Her grandmother has told her she may have to wait until she is old enough to buy her braces because with everything they have going on in their lives right now, she just can’t afford it. When Ivy sat down with Brandy Vega to talk to her she had no idea the news Brandy had in store.

So I’ve talked with your grandma and I’ve talked with other kids and on behalf of Good Deed Revolution and on behalf of Dr. Garison Couser, an orthodontist, we’re going to get your teeth fixed.

-Brandy Vega of Good Deed Revolution

Ivy was happy and appreciative to find out the straight teeth were in her near future.
Dr. Garison Couser of Couser Orthodontics in Kaysville is giving Ivy her straight smile.

When you feel confident and have a beautiful smile it’s been proven that helps you get a job, feel confident about yourself and achieve things, right, that you never thought that you could achieve. I think one person can make a difference but remember that, you know, what I’m doing I want you to make sure that return that favor to someone. I think it’s important.

-Dr. Couser of Couser Orthodontics

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