Mental Health HELPS Podcast & Video Series:

Our podcast & video series strives to help Heal, Educate, Listen, Prevent, & Support through conversations with experts, activists, & people's personal stories. These episodes will address mental health in an authentic and informative manner and give voice to many. The knowledge and information shared will bring awareness and promote connection to the various programs, resources, professionals, and leaders across our beautiful community.

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Episode 1

NAMI Utah Prevention with Benee Larsen

Episode 2

Tips to Help Loved Ones In Treatment for Mental Health with Clint Peterson

Episode 3

Self-Injurious Thoughts & Behaviors in Youth with
Dr. Mindy Westlund Schreiner

Episode 4

Let's Talk About Stress & Mental Health with
Dr. Stevan Hobfoll

Episode 6

Dance For Life with
Kristen Barlow

Episode 5

Healing After Losing a Loved One to Suicide with
Lark Dean Galley

Episode 7

My Sibling Died by Suicide with
John Pennington

Episode 8

Let's Talk About Suicide with
Adia Vega

Episode 9


Bio Emotional Healing with Ashleigh Di Lello