Tom, Will You Be My Wingman

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This is Brandy Vega from Good Deed Revolution. We are a nonprofit dedicated to changing the world one good deed at a time. And right now we really need your help to make a hero’s final dreams come true. For nearly 15 years he’s fought fires and now he’s battling terminal lung cancer.

Travis Peterson is a huge Top Gun fan and his dying wish is to meet Tom Cruise and fly in a fighter jet. Well, we got the fighter jet part covered now we need Tom Cruise to meet this hero!

To be able to meet him would be outstanding because I don’t know if he knows how much he influenced us 80’s kids and especially me.

Tom, the guys at the station have always given me a hard time about having a Tom Cruise crush between Top Gun, that’s my go to, but to have the opportunity to meet you and share with you how your portrayal of that character influenced my career would be phenomenal. My brothers and sisters at the fire department all over have made my dream of riding in a fighter jet possible and now all I’m missing is a wing man. Would you be willing to be my wing man?

So come on Tom Cruise what do you say? We have the power to make this happen through social media. Share this video on every site you can think of using hashtags #TomCruise, #GoodDeedRevolution, #TopGunDream, and #GDR. Also join and be a part of these good deeds, acts of kindness and all sorts of pay it forwards.

Let’s be the good we seek in the world!

2 thoughts on “Tom, Will You Be My Wingman”

  1. It is with heavy heart that we tell you our friend, Cache County firefighter, Travis Peterson, passed away over the weekend. Our heartfelt condolences go out to his wife and daughter, his surviving family, and his fellow firefighters at the Cache County Fire District.

    A special thanks to Tom Cruise for helping to make one of his final wishes come true.

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