Horses Healing People

People don’t rescue horses, horses rescue people. They did me. Paying it forward, on Dec. 29th, 2015, I announced “Whatever Ails You Equine-Assisted Sessions” on Facebook. Within 6 hours, I was booked for the entire month of February. There is no riding these horses because all the magic happens on the ground. Using my natural horsemanship skills, I set up metaphors and games for people to test their own emotional fitness and to understand introvert/extrovert dynamics and learn amazing coping skills for “Whatever Ails You”. In one month, my ex-rodeo horse and two ex-racehorses helped nearly 100 people. The testimonials that poured in are nothing sort of spectacular. The real beauty of this story is the 2-hour session only costs a bale of Bermuda hay for the horses or the cash equivalent of approximately $18.50. Whether it’s one person or a family, the cost is the same so everyone can afford this life-changing experience. As the hotter weather approaches, I’m in dire need of a large shade structure so I can continue to help people in the comfort of shade! Sun shades on poles would be the most cost effective method but a more stable steel structure would be more desireable due to the high winds that come through the canyons. Located only 13 minutes North of Anthem, near Rock Springs Cafe in Black Canyon City. My income was only $12,000 last year and I’m a single woman with no help from a spouse. Here are some of the testimonials that prove the work I’m doing needs to continue. Names are removed due to client confidentiality but all can be proven.
“Catherine Revell- our session was amazing! It was so great! We enjoyed meeting you and the horses! We can’t thank you enough!”

“Keep doing what you’re doing, you are an amazing woman with a heart as big as Texas!!”

“What you have done with the horses is beautiful and what you are doing with them to help others is beautiful…I would like to come up again without the girls and have a session with you and your loves!”

“Thank you Catherine! It was a lot of fun. I took alot of info away. As much as I’ve thought we (son) were alike, I realized how different we are. I’m looking forward to using your ideas to grow, myself and with my son. Thank you, talk to you soon.”

“What a great learning experience!
Thank you!”

“Thank you! I appreciate your creativity and ability to make it such a great experience for us. The boys keep talking about “the lady horse”–lady Boylen. They really loved it!”

“Amazing horses! What an experience! Not only will I go back, I would recommend this to everyone.”

“How kind you are for all you do to help us all. My daughter and I are still talking today about how beautiful it was connecting with the herd & the loving energy we felt.”

“It was awesome!”

“On the way home, my daughter was gushing about how neat that was and how she wants to do it again! Never would have guessed! You were great!”

“You are very wise. Thank you for your time, your passion and your wisdom. I learned so much the other day. I look forward to coming again. It was the first peace I’ve felt in a very long time. I can’t believe how much I’ve already applied to my own life. Thank you!!!
I have others that are interested. Would you mind if I pass along your information? You are a true blessing.”

“This is where Z and I had our amazing experience this weekend. Catherine is a beautiful soul.”

“Big props to Catherine Revell and her organization, “Whatever Ails You Natural Equine Assisted Therapy”! Here’s what I had to say about our visit with her and her horses this past weekend: “As a woman who has loved horses from the time I was a small child, I have felt and understood the magic that comes along when surrounded by this magnificent creature. That’s why I jumped at the opportunity to travel to Catherine Revell’s beautiful home in Black Canyon City to share that magic with my two teenage children! I’d like to think that my two oldest and I have a pretty good parent/child relationship, but I’ve always wanted to connect with them on a deeper level. You see, sometimes with the constant hustle and bustle of every day life (being a mother of four children, a wife, business owner and everything else in between) I feel like there are times when I become disconnected with my children. We spent a lovely afternoon with three beautiful horses who each have an incredible story to tell. These horses, much like you and I, have gone through so much in their lives. Catherine has done an amazing job teaching these horses to love and trust in the human race again, and because they do, they have taught us how to love and trust in one another. Catherine pairs you with a horse who shares the same personality traits as you do, and allows you to work together side by side. While learning ways of communicating with your horse, you’re able learn so much about yourself as well as your family and friends. It was such a great way to unwind from a hectic week, too! I recommend anyone and everyone to go out and meet Catherine and her horses. You won’t be sorry you did!”

“We had such a great time today!! You are an amazing person to bring these beautiful horses and people together. Kendall loved the pictures of Biscuit and Lady Boleyn as well as the other kids. Can’t wait until I can bring up the family. My 7 year old daughter is already asking me when she can go meet the horses.”


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