Adopt Don’t Shop! Must See Video That Will Shock You

As many of us get ready to celebrate Christmas with family and friends, it is a good time to think “not only” of those who will go without a gift but those who go without a family every single day of the year.

Right now, there are close to half a million children in Foster Care nationally and 2,700 of those kids are here in the state of Utah. They are waiting, patiently, for a place to call home because it’s never too late for a deserving child to find a family.

The need is for more adults to be inspired to foster a child of their own. More and more kids are pouring into foster care shelters due to substance abuse and neglect by their birth parents. Sadly, fewer than half will find a licensed foster or adoptive family willing to take them in, even for a few months.

It is a heart-breaking dilemma when you consider that 3.2 million families fostered or adopted a homeless pet in 2017.

Brandy Vega, the founder and president of the Good Deeds Revolution, a non-profit organization focused on promoting good deeds throughout the world, and also a foster mom brings that comparison home in shocking fashion in a series of Public Service Announcements (PSA’s) she is releasing nationally on Dec 18th, 2017.

In the PSA’s, produced and directed by Vega, viewers realize that the new pet a family appears to be searching for at the local animal shelter, is really a foster child in desperate need of a home and loving family. Nearly half of the children featured in the PSA were foster children who found a family.

The PSA’s, designed to wake people up to a growing crisis in our country, were created on a ZERO budget. Every single person involved volunteered their time, talent, equipment, and ideas in hopes of making a difference.

The message is that anyone with a desire and the means to love and care for a child, can be a foster parent. Single moms or dads and members of the LGBTQ community are welcome to apply.

You can screen the PSA’s at and contact Brandy Vega for more information and interviews.

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