Suicidal Drug Addict Taking Hits Starts Giving Them & Changing Lives

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Rob Eastman was a hardcore drug addict using every drug you could think of for years. He was depressed and found himself in the mountains with a gun. He was going to kill himself when his daughter popped into his head and instead of taking his life he decided to live. He drove straight to the hospital to detox and then went to rehab.

After being sober for a few months Rob decided he could help others and came up with the idea for Rob got certified as a trainer and life coach and now he is successfully using those skills to help others in need. He’s got a soft spot for struggling youth. Kaden Schick is a recovering addict who’s life has been saved thanks to Rob. He was flunking out of school and depressed. Kaden said 7 months ago he would have never thought he’d graduate high school.

Kaden is just one of the many people to find success and recovery through Eastman Fitness. Rob says his clients inspire him and they say he inspires them…either way lives are changing for the better.

Never give up. Because anything is possible. If you’d like to learn more visit, or through their Facebook page,



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