Paying It Forward, Utah to Africa – Proof That 1 Good Thing Leads To Another

The 100 Humanitarians organization was just days away from taking aid to the Mau forest in Kenya and were tasked with locating Hygiene kits for the people there. Heidi was wondering how she’d pull the resources together in such a short time. Little did she know, Good Deed Revolution had just come into a large supply of the very kits Heidi was looking for. Chris Miller, a friend of Good Deed Revolution had donated a stockpile of toothbrushes, toothpaste, and other hygiene items. 

100 Humanitarians is a group of small businesses, individuals, and business owners who come together to build communities in third world countries.  Each and every day, 100 Humanitarians is doing good deeds without recognition. Each member shares the same drive to change people, and through their acts of service, they are changing themselves and their families as well. Their mission is to teach families how to be self reliant, and reduce poverty, and through that, they are making a difference in more than they will ever know. 

In Kenya, most families live off of $1 per day, and just to buy a tube of toothpaste it can cost $10 or more. With the assistance of humanitarian groups like 100 Humanitarians paying it forward, the people learn to better care for themselves and their families, and through their own education, generations to come are being changed for the better. 

For Heidi, she went to change the lives of others, but the one life she didn’t expect to be affected so much was her own. She is such an inspiration to us all. To get involved in the community you don’t have to do good deeds international, you don’t have to do BIG things. You can do little things right here in your own back yard. To see more pay it forward stories click here for our YouTube channel!

To learn more about 100 Humanitarians, visit their website.

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