Superheroes Battle “Big White” To Help Sick Kids

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It was an early summer morning at Lagoon, superheroes from across a spectrum of universes were gathering for one battle, one cause. They were there to take on Lagoon’s “White” Roller Coaster. To help sick children and their families, these heroes embarked on a two-hour marathon in an effort to raise money for medical expenses.

Kids Heroes Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Their goal is to bring happiness and financial relief to children in need. Their aim is to help the healing process for children facing long term illness or other traumatic events, help relieve the burden of daunting medical expenses, and they also educate to thwart bullying and prevent child abuse.

This July Kids Heroes Foundation participated in a roller coaster marathon to raise money for families with sick children that need help with medical expenses. Lagoon Amusement Park thought this was a worthy cause and that a roller coaster 5K was great idea; so they opened their doors early to approximately 24 superheroes including Ironman, Thor, Captain America, Batman, Black Widow, Rey and more. They set a goal of $5,000. At the beginning of their 2-hour roller coaster marathon they were about a third of the way to their goal.

After their ride the superheroes stayed around and greeted regular Lagoon guests as they entered the park. Last checked the foundation was just over half way to meeting their $5,000 goal. If you would like to help get them all the way there, there are still taking donations through Crowdrise [1]. If you would like a superhero to attend an event, you can contact them through their website,, or through their Facebook page,


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