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Paying It Forward, Utah to Africa – Proof That 1 Good Thing Leads To Another

The 100 Humanitarians organization was just days away from taking aid to the Mau forest in Kenya and were tasked with locating Hygiene kits for the people there. Heidi was wondering how she’d pull the resources together in such a short time. Little did she know, Good Deed Revolution had just come into a large supply of the very kits Heidi was looking for. Chris Miller, a friend of Good Deed Revolution had donated a stockpile of toothbrushes, toothpaste, and other hygiene items. 

100 Humanitarians is a group of small businesses, individuals, and business owners who come together to build communities in third world countries.  Each and every day, 100 Humanitarians is doing good deeds without recognition. Each member shares the same drive to change people, and through their acts of service, they are changing themselves and their families as well. Their mission is to teach families how to be self reliant, and reduce poverty, and through that, they are making a difference in more than they will ever know. 

In Kenya, most families live off of $1 per day, and just to buy a tube of toothpaste it can cost $10 or more. With the assistance of humanitarian groups like 100 Humanitarians paying it forward, the people learn to better care for themselves and their families, and through their own education, generations to come are being changed for the better. 

For Heidi, she went to change the lives of others, but the one life she didn’t expect to be affected so much was her own. She is such an inspiration to us all. To get involved in the community you don’t have to do good deeds international, you don’t have to do BIG things. You can do little things right here in your own back yard. To see more pay it forward stories click here for our YouTube channel!

To learn more about 100 Humanitarians, visit their website.

Two Elderly Vets Stranded and Sick Find Help in the Classifieds

Brandy Vega – “I heard a story today. There is a veteran here in town, an 83-year old. He’s at the VA going through cancer treatments. He’s here with his sons who’s also in his 60’s going through some other treatments at the VA. Both veterans. A Korean War veteran and a Vietnam veteran. I heard that they were stranded, their car was broke down. They were looking for just a place to be able to work on the car, a covered place, didn’t need to be a garage. And, as a veteran myself, I thought, “What can I do to help these guys.”

I get $1250 a month, and by the time the insurance and the food and stuff like that and the electricity, why, it’s all gone from month-to-month. You don’t have extra.

-They’re going to tow their car to my garage I just cleaned out for them. I have a basement room that they can sleep in, so that they don’t have to rent a motel, since money is already tight, and they’re already battling this stuff, and they fought for our country. I’m a little bit nervous because I’ve never allowed people to come in and stay in my home. But I trust these two men who’ve given so much for our country and are fighting still for their lives. All they needed was a place to work on a car. This is the least I can do.

I was up at the VA hospital. I’m from Elko, Nevada. I have to come in back and forth to have cancer, but I also have problems in my legs. I have no circulation in my feet.

-When you come from out of town, you don’t plan on bringing a whole lot of money. Just your fuel and to eat real quick because your meals are at the patient cafeteria.

I was cold and wet and rainy outside. We had no place to work on it.

-We’re out in the snow and literally in the slush and laying in it while he’s in the truck freezing.

They’d been stranded in Utah in the cold weather for about three or four days, and we’re trying to get them back home.

-Well, let’s get you fixed up.

-I mean, you hear about stories like this and it really gets right to you hear. You know what I mean? And, a story like Waid and his son, I mean, they’ve fought for our country for a long time and they deserve a little bit of help along the way. It’s just good to give back when you can. So I would tell any business out there that’s making money and doing well, give back where you can. That’s definitely what we try to do.

I think that’s awesome. And Cory, the guy, the gentlemen that I met with you this morning, was great.

-Then you came along and that’s been just a godsend. It’s just great. It’s great, it really is.”

The Hitchhikers Guide to Emotional Evolution – The awakening

I had a stroke in 2000 and God sent me an Angel. She touched me and not only did she heal me of the stroke, she cured me of my being a functioning alcoholic For some 40 years. I have written “A Stroke of Divine Intervention – A life destined for death – Saved by a stroke”. It’s a phenomenal story. I’ve tried to get it published through many emails I sent to publishers and agents. Their reply is “not for us”. How can God and the Angel He sent me be “not for us”. what I’m about to tell you is the truth, and I’m not ashamed of it. What I am ashamed of is the way humanity of today can hardly stand the truth, which is what I am, a spiritual being stating his truths. Stroke survivors suffer from chronic depressionI have been able to understand what it is, but it’s a whole different story when your emotions make you feel bad. I did that for 14 years before I acted on it. I have tried 3 times now to do myself in, and all of them were intervened by Divine Intelligence, or God if you choose. The result of my failled attempts is that I have been abandoned by my wife of fourteen years, my families, all of my friends, I also lost job, my car, my townhouse, and basically everything i had. The only reason I don’t try again is that Divine Intelligence would stop it again. He has made that quiet clear. So once again in my life I have lost everything, and you know what? Nobody gives a shit. Today’s world teaches that it’s a me, me, me thing. Screw everybody else. So I just got it together and finished the book that God has wanted me to finish. It’s called “The Hitchhikers Guide to Emotional Evolution – The Awakening”. I did fourteen years of research to pull the rabbit out of my hat. Try doing that while your in a state of depression. There are many problems that we don’t have to experience. It is all a state of mind. This is where we must ascend our ego’s in order to survive life right now. I would love to join your revolution, because that is the only place we have to go. Everybody must learn that you don’t have to let your ego run your life. So here is what has happened. I have been prepared by Source to somehow get this revolution going good. I am not a nobody. I am the key to Human evolution. You have to read my books to see how extraordinary they are. One thing Humanity has got to see is that it’s not just about you. We are one. We must stop this competing thing, and turn it into a cooperating thing. One way that you could do is to help me to become known. From 2000 to 2016 is a long journey that I have experienced. And it seems that every door I thought would be open has been shut tight. Life is about the Experience. I would like to experience the awakening I can see. Now the real question has to be observed. Do you walk the walk, and talk the talk? I would be very pleased that you answered me. It will release me from the state of depression I have had for years now. If it was meant to be, it will happen. Thank you for your consideration. Joy, Love and Light. Now lets go and change the world. We will be making the world a better place to live for everybody. Amen


For the Fathers Who Have Earned It

To all the men out there who spend every day earning the title, “Dad”, we at Good Deed Revolution thank you.

Going Beyond Packing Out What You Pack In

There are so many beautiful places to explore in this world. Some are hidden away and untarnished but others are very accessible. The tragedy associated with accessible destinations are that since they are more easily enjoyed by more people, they can fall victim to littering. On a recent trip to Gold Strike Hot Springs near Las Vegas I witnessed this tragedy.

Countless water bottles and other trash was strewn about this otherwise gorgeous canyon trail. I believe that it is our collective responsibility to take care of the places we enjoy, so that others may do the same. This in mind on my return I began picking up bottles. All too soon my backpack and hands were full. So then, with a little innovation and a little bit of cord I began crushing bottles and stringing them onto a necklace.

My two friends and I left that canyon with nearly 60 bottles that day. It felt amazing. People we passed saw what we were doing and thanked us and offered high-fives. Hopefully they might bring some bottles out as well.

You can help too. Please pack out what you pack in, and when possible pack out what others have packed in. Together we can keep all our favorite hikes clean and beautiful. Happy Spring everyone!

There are a lot of amazing people in this world

I had been struggling after getting into an abusive relationship. I ended up having to leave my job because my partner at the time would turn my alarms off and would text my bosses acting as if he was me. After a couple weeks my money started running out so I ended up scrounging my house for change so I could get food because I had barely eaten in 3 days. When I showed up to the store I ran into my roommate and told her I was just grabbing some food for my bf and I since we hadn’t eaten much in the past three days. That’s when Brandy had overheard our conversation and came to talk to me. I usually wouldn’t stick around to tell a stranger what was going on in my life but I had a strange comfort come over me though. We had a very emotional talk and she gave me a lot of advice that I needed that helped me out in my life later. She also gave me money for food even though I denied needing money for food. I was able to buy the nutrition I needed thanks to her. Her friend Spanky actually blessed me with an early Christmas. I was definitely not prepared for winter this year. I didn’t have shoes or coats I needed to bear through winter and he came through with winter clothes and boots for me and also food as well. It truly was a blessing to me. She also had another friend help me out when I needed a way to get to a job interview. I had my money stolen from a roommate and she was nice enough to help me out again for a third time. Her friend Darren bought me an all-day Trax pass so I could get there and back. He also included some money and a note that said “Always have faith”. To this day I have that taped to my mirror so every morning I wake up knowing how blessed I am and it reminds me to never lose faith. There are a lot of amazing people in this world and personally I feel these three individuals are some of the most amazing people I have met and I will never be able to thank them enough for what they have done for me. – Kyree D.

Bad Things Happen to A GOOD Person

My sister Jeanette Manning has been a nurse for 35 plus years working long shifts, constantly on her feet aiding others while suffering from Charcot Foot due to diabetic complications. Most of her 35 years of service were night shifts at the same hospital, South Central Regional Hospital, in a small Mississippi town. During ten years of her career she also was full-time caregiver to her Mother who lived to the age of 97.

She tried desperately to work until her full retirement age so she could retire in an appropriate way to achieve Medicare with her dignity for time well spent. Now she has a $600 per month Cobra insurance premium and no income to support herself at this time. In the past, she has received awards for perfect attendance even while working with extreme pain. Recently she developed a diabetic wound that would not heal. She used all of her family and sick leave time while desperately trying to heal enough to go back to work again. She has experienced many hours of medically supervised in-home IV treatments and hour upon hour in a barbaric chamber. Unfortunately she didn’t heal before all avenues to retain her employment had been exhausted.

She has dedicated her life to the healing and helping of others. Now when she needs help, there are minimal resources for her to call upon for assistance. Her home needs repairs she is not physically capable of doing for herself or with family assistance.

There are many attributes of kindness my sister has shown others over the years. I feel it is time for her to somehow be recognized and or assisted in some way now that her health has deteriorated to a point she can’t continue to serve others.

Horses Healing People

People don’t rescue horses, horses rescue people. They did me. Paying it forward, on Dec. 29th, 2015, I announced “Whatever Ails You Equine-Assisted Sessions” on Facebook. Within 6 hours, I was booked for the entire month of February. There is no riding these horses because all the magic happens on the ground. Using my natural horsemanship skills, I set up metaphors and games for people to test their own emotional fitness and to understand introvert/extrovert dynamics and learn amazing coping skills for “Whatever Ails You”. In one month, my ex-rodeo horse and two ex-racehorses helped nearly 100 people. The testimonials that poured in are nothing sort of spectacular. The real beauty of this story is the 2-hour session only costs a bale of Bermuda hay for the horses or the cash equivalent of approximately $18.50. Whether it’s one person or a family, the cost is the same so everyone can afford this life-changing experience. As the hotter weather approaches, I’m in dire need of a large shade structure so I can continue to help people in the comfort of shade! Sun shades on poles would be the most cost effective method but a more stable steel structure would be more desireable due to the high winds that come through the canyons. Located only 13 minutes North of Anthem, near Rock Springs Cafe in Black Canyon City. My income was only $12,000 last year and I’m a single woman with no help from a spouse. Here are some of the testimonials that prove the work I’m doing needs to continue. Names are removed due to client confidentiality but all can be proven.
“Catherine Revell- our session was amazing! It was so great! We enjoyed meeting you and the horses! We can’t thank you enough!”

“Keep doing what you’re doing, you are an amazing woman with a heart as big as Texas!!”

“What you have done with the horses is beautiful and what you are doing with them to help others is beautiful…I would like to come up again without the girls and have a session with you and your loves!”

“Thank you Catherine! It was a lot of fun. I took alot of info away. As much as I’ve thought we (son) were alike, I realized how different we are. I’m looking forward to using your ideas to grow, myself and with my son. Thank you, talk to you soon.”

“What a great learning experience!
Thank you!”

“Thank you! I appreciate your creativity and ability to make it such a great experience for us. The boys keep talking about “the lady horse”–lady Boylen. They really loved it!”

“Amazing horses! What an experience! Not only will I go back, I would recommend this to everyone.”

“How kind you are for all you do to help us all. My daughter and I are still talking today about how beautiful it was connecting with the herd & the loving energy we felt.”

“It was awesome!”

“On the way home, my daughter was gushing about how neat that was and how she wants to do it again! Never would have guessed! You were great!”

“You are very wise. Thank you for your time, your passion and your wisdom. I learned so much the other day. I look forward to coming again. It was the first peace I’ve felt in a very long time. I can’t believe how much I’ve already applied to my own life. Thank you!!!
I have others that are interested. Would you mind if I pass along your information? You are a true blessing.”

“This is where Z and I had our amazing experience this weekend. Catherine is a beautiful soul.”

“Big props to Catherine Revell and her organization, “Whatever Ails You Natural Equine Assisted Therapy”! Here’s what I had to say about our visit with her and her horses this past weekend: “As a woman who has loved horses from the time I was a small child, I have felt and understood the magic that comes along when surrounded by this magnificent creature. That’s why I jumped at the opportunity to travel to Catherine Revell’s beautiful home in Black Canyon City to share that magic with my two teenage children! I’d like to think that my two oldest and I have a pretty good parent/child relationship, but I’ve always wanted to connect with them on a deeper level. You see, sometimes with the constant hustle and bustle of every day life (being a mother of four children, a wife, business owner and everything else in between) I feel like there are times when I become disconnected with my children. We spent a lovely afternoon with three beautiful horses who each have an incredible story to tell. These horses, much like you and I, have gone through so much in their lives. Catherine has done an amazing job teaching these horses to love and trust in the human race again, and because they do, they have taught us how to love and trust in one another. Catherine pairs you with a horse who shares the same personality traits as you do, and allows you to work together side by side. While learning ways of communicating with your horse, you’re able learn so much about yourself as well as your family and friends. It was such a great way to unwind from a hectic week, too! I recommend anyone and everyone to go out and meet Catherine and her horses. You won’t be sorry you did!”

“We had such a great time today!! You are an amazing person to bring these beautiful horses and people together. Kendall loved the pictures of Biscuit and Lady Boleyn as well as the other kids. Can’t wait until I can bring up the family. My 7 year old daughter is already asking me when she can go meet the horses.”


You can find out more about this service at facebook.com/WAYNEATHORSE/

Giving at Work

David Hutmacher of Marietta, Ga., wrote of the generosity he received from co-workers when he became seriously ill three years ago. After three hospital stays, including two surgeries, he had used up all of his vacation and sick leave.

“It was the end of the year and my last paycheck at the first of December was for approximately 10 percent of its usual amount. I was worried it was fast approaching Christmas and I wouldn’t be going back to work until mid-January at the earliest. I am married and have two daughters who at that time were 8 and 5, respectively. My wife, who is a schoolteacher, was just barely keeping things together. I really didn’t think there would be much if any Christmas that year. So I was very surprised when on the 15th of December I received a paycheck. When I opened it there was not only a full pay period but also the pay I was missing from the previous check. I immediately called our comptroller for an explanation. It seems that all the employees had gotten together and donated any vacation that they had left for the year so I could get paid. I cried. It was truly a Good Deed.”

Story from NPR.org

You can read the original story here.

Kindness in Passing

A simple act of kindness on a hot day nearly 50 years ago left a lasting memory for Dan Sullivan.

“There is hardly anything more boring than traveling in a military convoy,” Sullivan writes. “In late 1955, a deuce-and-a-half truck filled with a dozen GIs and I were crawling across northern Iowa. It was hot, even with the canvas sides rolled up. There were no stops for sodas, and the 30 thirsty miles per hour took us nowhere forever. One of the few entertainments was watching an occasional car pass, so when a convertible pulled in behind, we took notice — even more notice when the beautiful woman in the passenger seat waved and smiled. And oh, miracle, she reached back into a cooler and pulled out two bottles of ice-cold Royal Crown Cola, which she passed up to us as they went by. Wherever that woman is, I hope she sleeps well tonight.”

Story from NPR.org

You can read the original story here.

“A King’s Ransom”

Peter Strupp of Boston remembers being “flat broke” his senior year at the University of Wisconsin. When he could no longer afford the rent at his fraternity, he found refuge in a campus Christian fellowship house.

Strupp would sneak into the kitchen to take food bought by his fellow tenants. “Inevitably the month came that I couldn’t make the rent…

“The night before I was going to tell my housemates I was leaving, one of them stopped me in the kitchen. We were alone… He reached into his pocket and handed me a month’s rent, in cash. Before I could say anything, he said, ‘Don’t pay me back.’ Though the rent was less than $100, Strupp writes, “in a dark hour, it was a king’s ransom.”

Story from NPR.org

You can read the original story here.

A Mother’s Good Example

Sometimes witnessing a good deed leaves a lasting impression. Donna Delfino Dugay of Harper Woods, Mich., remembers a day in California when she was 11 years old, and her parents took their six children for a special day at the beach. Donna’s mother brought a picnic lunch — fried chicken and her famous potato salad — and prepared a plate for each of them.

“When I looked up from my plate, my mother was fixing one more plate… She turned away from us and walked over maybe 20 or 30 feet to where there was a man by himself. And he was picking his way through the trashcan. And my mother — I don’t know whether she just put the plate there or whether she touched him gently or whether she said a few words — but I remember him turning to her in a gesture of thankfulness.”

Dugay’s mother came back and sat down at the table. “Years later, Dugay asked her mother if she remembered the incident. “She laughed and said, ‘Not at all.’ But for me, I remember it very well because for me, it was the touchstone for what good deeds became in my life.”

Story from NPR.org

You can read the original story here.