The Hitchhikers Guide to Emotional Evolution – The awakening

I had a stroke in 2000 and God sent me an Angel. She touched me and not only did she heal me of the stroke, she cured me of my being a functioning alcoholic For some 40 years. I have written “A Stroke of Divine Intervention – A life destined for death – Saved by a stroke”. It’s a phenomenal story. I’ve tried to get it published through many emails I sent to publishers and agents. Their reply is “not for us”. How can God and the Angel He sent me be “not for us”. what I’m about to tell you is the truth, and I’m not ashamed of it. What I am ashamed of is the way humanity of today can hardly stand the truth, which is what I am, a spiritual being stating his truths. Stroke survivors suffer from chronic depressionI have been able to understand what it is, but it’s a whole different story when your emotions make you feel bad. I did that for 14 years before I acted on it. I have tried 3 times now to do myself in, and all of them were intervened by Divine Intelligence, or God if you choose. The result of my failled attempts is that I have been abandoned by my wife of fourteen years, my families, all of my friends, I also lost job, my car, my townhouse, and basically everything i had. The only reason I don’t try again is that Divine Intelligence would stop it again. He has made that quiet clear. So once again in my life I have lost everything, and you know what? Nobody gives a shit. Today’s world teaches that it’s a me, me, me thing. Screw everybody else. So I just got it together and finished the book that God has wanted me to finish. It’s called “The Hitchhikers Guide to Emotional Evolution – The Awakening”. I did fourteen years of research to pull the rabbit out of my hat. Try doing that while your in a state of depression. There are many problems that we don’t have to experience. It is all a state of mind. This is where we must ascend our ego’s in order to survive life right now. I would love to join your revolution, because that is the only place we have to go. Everybody must learn that you don’t have to let your ego run your life. So here is what has happened. I have been prepared by Source to somehow get this revolution going good. I am not a nobody. I am the key to Human evolution. You have to read my books to see how extraordinary they are. One thing Humanity has got to see is that it’s not just about you. We are one. We must stop this competing thing, and turn it into a cooperating thing. One way that you could do is to help me to become known. From 2000 to 2016 is a long journey that I have experienced. And it seems that every door I thought would be open has been shut tight. Life is about the Experience. I would like to experience the awakening I can see. Now the real question has to be observed. Do you walk the walk, and talk the talk? I would be very pleased that you answered me. It will release me from the state of depression I have had for years now. If it was meant to be, it will happen. Thank you for your consideration. Joy, Love and Light. Now lets go and change the world. We will be making the world a better place to live for everybody. Amen


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