Going Beyond Packing Out What You Pack In

There are so many beautiful places to explore in this world. Some are hidden away and untarnished but others are very accessible. The tragedy associated with accessible destinations are that since they are more easily enjoyed by more people, they can fall victim to littering. On a recent trip to Gold Strike Hot Springs near Las Vegas I witnessed this tragedy.

Countless water bottles and other trash was strewn about this otherwise gorgeous canyon trail. I believe that it is our collective responsibility to take care of the places we enjoy, so that others may do the same. This in mind on my return I began picking up bottles. All too soon my backpack and hands were full. So then, with a little innovation and a little bit of cord I began crushing bottles and stringing them onto a necklace.

My two friends and I left that canyon with nearly 60 bottles that day. It felt amazing. People we passed saw what we were doing and thanked us and offered high-fives. Hopefully they might bring some bottles out as well.

You can help too. Please pack out what you pack in, and when possible pack out what others have packed in. Together we can keep all our favorite hikes clean and beautiful. Happy Spring everyone!

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