There are a lot of amazing people in this world

I had been struggling after getting into an abusive relationship. I ended up having to leave my job because my partner at the time would turn my alarms off and would text my bosses acting as if he was me. After a couple weeks my money started running out so I ended up scrounging my house for change so I could get food because I had barely eaten in 3 days. When I showed up to the store I ran into my roommate and told her I was just grabbing some food for my bf and I since we hadn’t eaten much in the past three days. That’s when Brandy had overheard our conversation and came to talk to me. I usually wouldn’t stick around to tell a stranger what was going on in my life but I had a strange comfort come over me though. We had a very emotional talk and she gave me a lot of advice that I needed that helped me out in my life later. She also gave me money for food even though I denied needing money for food. I was able to buy the nutrition I needed thanks to her. Her friend Spanky actually blessed me with an early Christmas. I was definitely not prepared for winter this year. I didn’t have shoes or coats I needed to bear through winter and he came through with winter clothes and boots for me and also food as well. It truly was a blessing to me. She also had another friend help me out when I needed a way to get to a job interview. I had my money stolen from a roommate and she was nice enough to help me out again for a third time. Her friend Darren bought me an all-day Trax pass so I could get there and back. He also included some money and a note that said “Always have faith”. To this day I have that taped to my mirror so every morning I wake up knowing how blessed I am and it reminds me to never lose faith. There are a lot of amazing people in this world and personally I feel these three individuals are some of the most amazing people I have met and I will never be able to thank them enough for what they have done for me. – Kyree D.

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