Arizona Teen Helps A Blind Homeless Man Living Under a Tree

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Calvin is a 14-year-old middle schooler who felt he had to act when he saw someone in need. Every day for over a week when Calvin would travel to school he would see the same homeless man on the side of the road, camped out under a tree. One particularly hot day Calvin came home from school and told his mom they had something they had to do; they had to help this man to make sure he was going to be okay in the scorching Arizona summer heat.

This 8th grader and his mother put together a hygiene kit with soap and dental supplies, a notebook with writing supplies, along with other odds and ends and packed it in a backpack for him. They also got this homeless man a heavy durable pillow and blanket. Then they delivered it all to him.

They learned the homeless man’s name was Mike, he was mostly blind and had been homeless for 7 years. Mike was thrilled with the gifts Calvin gave him. Calvin and his family have kind of adopted Mike. The bring him food and water and check in on him from time to time, letting him know that he is not alone. Calvin and his mom, with a few other good Samaritans, bought Mike a wagon so he can easily move/store his belongings and Calvin’s grandparents gave Mike a bike.

Calvin showed Mike there are good people in the world willing to help, and Calvin showed us that it is always good to be observant, and a little bit of kindness can go a long way.

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