Two Elderly Vets Stranded and Sick Find Help in the Classifieds

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Korean War veteran Waid Clizbe and his son, Vietnam War veteran Robert Clizbe, came into Salt Lake City Utah from Elko Nevada to visit the VA hospital for Waid’s cancer treatment when the truck they were driving broke down. These gentlemen didn’t intend on an extended stay in Salt Lake City. They had nowhere to stay, nowhere to try and fix their truck and limited funds to have someone else try and fix it.

Robert did try working in the cold wet slush to get the truck going again, with no luck. He knew to make any head way he would need a covered place to park their truck so he could properly work on it. So Robert posted a classified on (the official website of KSL Broadcasting Company in Salt Lake City Utah). It read, “83yr. Old Cancer Patient Seeks Covered Area to Fix Fuel Pump Short”.

This is when Brandy Vega heard about the story. She wanted to help these two veterans who had served their country with honor and were now struggling to get home. She cleared her garage so Robert would have a place to park the truck and work on it, and she also offered them her spare basement bedroom so they wouldn’t have to find motel accommodations. After two days of trying to get the fuel pump fixed on their own Good Deed Revolution made a call to a local service center for help.

Burt Brothers Tire & Service stepped in to help Waid and Robert Clizbe’s truck back on the road. Cory Burt, manager of the Burt Brothers Tire and Service in Farmington Utah, met with Brandy and the two men. Cory, after hearing their story, got the truck into his service center and repaired for the Clizbes so they could get back home.

“It’s just good to give back when you can. So I would tell any business out there, I mean, that’s making money and doing well, you know, give back where you can and that’s definitely what we try to do.”
– Cory Burt, Manager of Burt Brother Tire & Service, Farmington Utah

It took a total of four days for Waid and Robert to get back on the road to Elko, but they made it back safely with help from Brandy, Cory and the great team at Burt Brothers.

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