Dead Teen Leaves Lasting Legacy

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Nate Ford impacted the lives of people around him since he was a little boy. His parents always knew he was special. They would often talk about the great responsibility they had in raising Nate. They didn’t realize that reason he was special was because his mission here was very short.

Nate died at 16 when he was in an automobile accident. Nate’s father likens the feeling of losing his son to being kicked in the stomach by a horse and his mother had a hard time understanding that her son was dead because Nate was always so full of life.

My wife said that a person’s life is not a based on the last thirty seconds of their life. It’s based upon what they did their entire life, and Nate impacted the lives of people around him since he was a little boy. – Doug Ford, Nate’s dad

Nate was friends with everyone and he always tried his hardest to befriend those people with few friends, or those who didn’t want to be friends. Nate, even at 16, knew who he was. Just before his passing he had written down his core values which were: hardworking, member of the church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints), patriotic, loyal and trustworthy.

It is his parents hope to continue on the legacy Nate created by giving back to the community. Guided by Nate core values, they started “Mothers of Everyday Heroes” and organization helping mothers give their children opportunities to be “everyday heroes” like when they collected over 300 backpacks for homeless teens in their community.

From “Mothers of Everyday Heroes” came the Ford’s official non-profit organization called Rocking 4D Foundation Inc. ( This is where people can find out how they can become a part of Nate’s legacy by participating in one of the events they have.

We’re just trying to do what Nate would want us to do…We are trying to make it so that he…didn’t just die. He still lives. And that people can figure out a way to do good. -Jennifer Ford, Nate’s mom

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  1. We love your family so much. You are truly emulating what Nate lived and died for. We appreciate all the effort you make
    to do so much for everyone needing the kinds of help you give.

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