Quilting to Heal Hearts and Help Others

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“When life gives you scraps, make a quilt.”

Susan Short found herself at a point in her life where she needed help. Recently divorced, she needed therapy, but she knew she wasn’t a traditional ‘therapy’ type person. So instead she looked to her closest and dearest friends and they began quilting.

Now her struggle has become a blessing to hundreds in need as she shares her love one stitch at a time. Susan and her quilt group make quilts for families that are in need. They give quilts for weddings, baby showers, and Christmas presents. They also hold auctions.

Someone asked if Susan’s group could cover, or put a new backing on, an existing quilt and of course they said they would. When they received the quilt it was in pieces, but it was all this mother had to keep her children warm. That is when it hit Rosann Havey, one of the group members, that people really need these quilts, not just as something that was pretty, but as something that is warm that they can use.

In the beginning these women were using their own material and supplies, but as time went on and the community found out what these lovely ladies were doing the people started donating, mostly in the form of fabric. When the donations run short though, these women don’t just stop, they dig back into their supplies and pockets to make sure that when demand is high they can still meet the need.

If you want to help Susan and her group donations are always appreciated. They will take whatever you have to offer, fabrics, etc., but she says they can always use nice fluffy batting.


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