Kids With Down Syndrome Do Polar Plunge

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Statistics show that Utah has the most children with Down Syndrome, per capita, in the U.S., but there are few local resources for these children. Brittanie Flint, whose son has Down Syndrome, struggled with this problem. She was trying to get her son into a special needs music program, but was turned away because they had determined he was “too advanced”. It was in that moment that Brittanie vowed that would never happen to her son, or any child with Down Syndrome, again.

In February of 2015 Gigi’s Playhouse opened in Layton Utah. Gigi’s Playhouse is a Down Syndrome achievement center ran completely from donations and volunteers, to which Flint is president. As a fundraiser this March the group held their 3rd annual “Playhouse Plunge” at Willard Bay. It was $25 to take the plunge or $55 to show up and chicken out, with all proceeds going to keep Gigi’s Playhouse open and running smoothly.

There is a community at Gigi’s that helps children with Down Syndrome and their families. It is a place for these children to make friends, have wonderful experiences and get help with physical and emotional needs.

I love Gigi’s. This has been great. This is a good community and were excited to be a part of it.
-Rickell Walters, Gigi’s volunteer & Emmy’s mom.

Ultimately, Brittanie and the Gigi’s Playhouse in Layton want to spread one message, “Be conscious of everyone of all abilities and try and include them in everything that you do. And to see someone, especially our kids with Down Syndrome, you can see their diagnosis on their faces, and we want you to see them as a person, and as an individual, not for Down Syndrome.”

Check out Gigi’s Playhouse here.


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