Mini Makeovers For The Homeless Lift Souls And Give Hope

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At any given time, Utah has almost 16,000 people that are homeless. These people struggle daily for simple necessities, and feel like they are alone, all but forgotten most of the year. CARE-cuts, a group started just a year ago by ten friends, works to show the homeless community they are not alone.

CARE-cuts brings together barbers, beauticians and stylists multiple times a year to give haircuts to the homeless in the Salt Lake City area. They are all-out events, not only does CARE-cuts give haircuts, but they style hair, do make up, paint nails, and more.

The Salt Lake City Mission asked CARE-cuts if they could come out and help with their 23rd annual Easter Celebration. Though it was short notice, they were able to come together and on March 27th 2016, Easter Sunday, CARE-cuts gave out just over 200 haircuts to people in need. Ultimately though what these volunteers give is far more than a haircut or a manicure. These events let the homeless know they are not forgotten. It gives them hope, confidence and dignity. Marco Diaz, Co-Chair of CARE-cuts summed it up nicely, “Cutting hair and doing makeup and nails and mini makeovers seems like such a simple thing that’s not going to change a life, but if it provides a little hope, they, themselves, may take that step to go get a job or, you know, maybe go to an AA class, or maybe just go visit their family they haven’t seen [in] forever…By providing that hope they, themselves, may make a difference in their lives.”

The homeless are always grateful to CARE-cuts when they come out, and look forward to the next time. CARE-cuts currently has two more hair-cutting events scheduled this year. They are on May 22nd 2016 and August 14th 2016. If you would like to volunteer, you don’t need to be a barber or beautician, they need help with a variety of things. Contact CARE-cuts via their Facebook group (


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