Parking Lot Pay It Forward Leads to Tears and Hugs

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Generally, when a person has to go to the Social Security Administration Building it is not for something good, and in Salt Lake City you have to pay to park in the SSA parking lot, making the experience that much worse. This prompted Brandy Vega to go out and do a good deed. She went down to the Social Security Administration Building and hung out in the parking lot for a while, paying for people’s parking*.

Brandy also witnessed a random act of kindness in progress. There was a gentleman that day who had purchased two hours’ worth of parking time, but had only used one hour. He waited in the lot to find an individual to give his extra hour of parking hour to, and not only did he find someone, but it was a woman who thought the lot payment machine only took card payments and she didn’t have a card to pay.

While she was there Brandy met many interesting people. Some people were in from out of state. Some tried to pay her back. Everyone asked why she was paying for peoples parking. And anyone who wanted a hug, got one.

*We would like to note that the SSA Building parking lot is a private parking lot. Good Deed Revolution did not feed public meters or extend parking times for individuals. And though Good Deed Revolution thinks everyone should go out into their community and do good deeds, they do not advocate breaking laws. Before you attempt doing a deed such as this they encourage you to become aware of your city, county and state laws.


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