Special Group Empowers Refugee Children To Share Their Stories

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My Story Matters is an organization, founded by Amy Chandler, designed to help everyone realize they have a story and that their story is important. My Story Matters seeks out groups who need help getting their stories told and seek to help give them a voice. Most recently My Story Matters has been working with refugees; children who have just arrived to the U.S. so everything is very new to them. To capture that unique perspective Amy’s group interviews and photographs them all in their first two weeks in country. Amy’s group then take these interviews and photos and turns them in to printed and bound books.

These refugees have all fled their homes for different reasons, but the one common thread is that they are fleeing for their lives; many come from high violence areas, others are fleeing persecution or sex trafficking. When you ask these kids about their books and what their favorite pages are, they always seem to be pictures of them with their families.

At the core Amy and her team truly believe that every story does matter and when they take the time to get to know other people and their story, that’s when relationships build, that is when life is enriched and that is when things start to get better.

If you would like to help or know more about My Story Matters, check out their website: www.mystorymatters.org

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