Proof That One Good Deed Produces Another – Pass It On

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It started with one phone call. Christopher Miller from Careovan wanted to do some good, so he called Brandy Vega to see if Good Deed Revolution could use a supply of toothpaste, toothbrushes and hygiene kits. Brandy was hesitant, though she knew the products would be useful, she didn’t have anywhere to store them. Still, she had an overwhelming feeling that she should take the help that Chris was offering because she was going to need it, and it didn’t take very long to figure out why.

Only two days later Brandy had an opportunity to pass on the good fortune. A fellow humanitarian, Heidi Totten of 100 Humanitarians posted online that she needed, among other things, toothpaste and toothbrushes for her upcoming trip to Africa. Brandy knew it wasn’t a coincidence that she had just received these items from Careovan. She messaged Heidi and made arrangements to drop off nearly a 1000 toothbrushes and toothpastes just days before she was set to leave for Kenya.

A container of deodorant in Kenya costs around $10. And for people who often make less than $1 a day, it’s never going to happen. This tube of toothpaste isn’t just, you know, your $3 at the grocery store for us, but it’s the cost of literally taking it on the airplane over there and getting it into their hands. It’s very valuable.

Heidi was grateful for the amazing donation and pointed out that often times the people in Kenya they are going to see make less than $1 a day and these hygiene items that they are taking to them cost as much as $10 a piece make something as simple as deodorant or toothpaste a luxury they’ll never have. Heidi noted, “This tube of toothpaste isn’t just, you know, your $3 at the grocery store for us…It’s very valuable.”

Heidi now has taken Brandy’s good deed and passed it on, serving those in Kenya. What will Heidi’s humanitarian efforts bloom, we don’t know, but good will always bring forth more good.

Humanitarian work is not just about the people that you’re serving, it’s about how you are changing yourself. -Heidi Totten, 100 Humanitarians.


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