Community Rallies to Support a Beloved Family Who Lost Their Father

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It was just another Wednesday morning for the Valdez family when Wesley’s sister went to get their father so he could take her to school, but in that moment the day became anything but average. Conrado Valdez wasn’t breathing. The day before he had been complaining of pain so he made an appointment to see his doctor, but unfortunately for Conrado Valdez and his family in the interim he had a heart attack and unexpectedly passed away.

Wesley Valdez is a young man with a kind heart, who would do anything for anybody. He is loved by everyone that meets him. What do you do for a person like that when they have lost a loved one, especially someone as important as a father? You rally the community to help his mom and 4 siblings.

Good Deed Revolution was able to get together over 30 volunteers to give the Valdez family a yard makeover. In one morning the GDR volunteers were able to remove an overgrown tree in the front yard, remove some out of control shrubbery from along the back fence, remove an old backyard play set, mow the lawns, cut, stack and organize the firewood pile, and plant a lovely flower garden.

The Valdez family is grateful to the volunteers and for the lovely yard, but more important to them is knowing they are loved, and have a community they can rely on during the hard times. Doing good isn’t just about the act, but also about what that act means to the people you share it with.

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