Reforestation: Balancing The Environment For Future Generations

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Mike Siaperas got interested in conservation by accident. In 2007 he bought a ranch so he could enjoy the outdoors, nature, and the wildlife. Unfortunately though, the ranch he purchased was full of trees. There were no meadows for wildlife; of 600 acres only about a half-acre was grass. Practically anywhere you went on the ranch you had to battle thick dead fall pine trees. Mike wanted to change that so he bought himself a bulldozer and started pushing trees over.

It started out as just a clearing project, not really realizing that trees would grow back, but by clearing out these areas Mike was able to give the forest a chance to renew and regrow. He created large rolling meadows that the wildlife quick came to occupy. He soon became a master of the reforestation process. He’s crafted islands for cover and bedding down areas for the wildlife. He seeds the treated areas with clover and alfalfa for healthier environment for both the wildlife and the aspen trees.

People from all over the state (of Utah) visit Mike’s ranch to learn about his processes and he hopes to leave a legacy of strong and healthy forest and wildlife management behind for the future.

Mike has found that sportsmen are often his cause’s biggest advocates. They visit these treated areas and see what a huge difference the treatments make and the great opportunities that these reforestation processes can afford them.

If you would like to learn more about reforestation or get involved with Mike’s work with 106 Reforestation visit his website at

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