pay it forward project Africa

Paying It Forward, Utah to Africa – Proof That 1 Good Thing Leads To Another

For Heidi, she went to change the lives of others, but the one life she didn't expect to be affected

pay it forward elderly couple

Two Elderly Vets Stranded and Sick Find Help in the Classifieds

Brandy Vega – “I heard a story today. There is a veteran here in town, an 83-year old. H

The Hitchhikers Guide to Emotional Evolution – The awakening

I had a stroke in 2000 and God sent me an Angel. She touched me and not only did she

For the Fathers Who Have Earned It

To all the men out there who spend every day earning the title, “Dad”, we at Good Deed Revolutio

Going Beyond Packing Out What You Pack In

There are so many beautiful places to explore in this world. Some are hidden away and untarnished bu

There are a lot of amazing people in this world

I had been struggling after getting into an abusive relationship. I ended up having to leave my job

Bad Things Happen to A GOOD Person

My sister Jeanette Manning has been a nurse for 35 plus years working long shifts, constantly on her

Horses Healing People

People don’t rescue horses, horses rescue people. They did me. Paying it forward, on Dec. 29th

Giving at Work

David Hutmacher of Marietta, Ga., wrote of the generosity he received from co-workers when he became

Kindness in Passing

A simple act of kindness on a hot day nearly 50 years ago left a lasting memory for Dan Sullivan.

“A King’s Ransom”

Peter Strupp of Boston remembers being “flat broke” his senior year at the University of

A Mother’s Good Example

Sometimes witnessing a good deed leaves a lasting impression. Donna Delfino Dugay of Harper Woods, M