As many of us get ready to celebrate Christmas with family and friends, it is a good time to think “not only” of those who will go without a gift but those who go without a family every single day of the year.

Right now, there are close to half a million children in Foster Care nationally and 2,700 of those kids are here in the state of Utah. They are waiting, patiently, for a place to call home because it’s never too late for a deserving child to find a family.

The need is for more adults to be inspired to foster a child of their own. More and more kids are pouring into foster care shelters due to substance abuse and neglect by their birth parents. Sadly, fewer than half will find a licensed foster or adoptive family willing to take them in, even for a few months.

It is a heart-breaking dilemma when you consider that 3.2 million families fostered or adopted a homeless pet in 2017.

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Learn more about adoption from foster care here.



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