pay it forward project Africa

Paying It Forward, Utah to Africa – Proof That 1 Good Thing Leads To Another

For Heidi, she went to change the lives of others, but the one life she didn't expect to be affected

pay it forward elderly couple

Two Elderly Vets Stranded and Sick Find Help in the Classifieds

Brandy Vega – “I heard a story today. There is a veteran here in town, an 83-year old. H

utah foster care public service announcement

Adopt Don’t Shop! Must See Video That Will Shock You

As many of us get ready to celebrate Christmas with family and friends, it is a good time to think

Teen Defies Odds and Inspires Hundreds on Trek

14 year old Nick Ross, from Kaysville, Utah defied the odds by walking over 30 miles across the Wyom

Suicidal Drug Addict Taking Hits Starts Giving Them & Changing Lives

Rob Eastman was a hardcore drug addict using every drug you could think of for years. He was depress

Superheroes Battle “Big White” To Help Sick Kids

It was an early summer morning at Lagoon, superheroes from across a spectrum of universes were gathe

Who’s Excited To Make Burritos?

The Legacy Initiative, a community partner organization based in American Fork, UT, get volunteers t

Retired Marine Creates A Safe Haven For Kids

Susan Sutherland isn’t your typical daycare provider. She retired from the U.S. Marine Corp as a n

Helping the Littlest Victims of Homelessness

At any given time, Utah has almost 15,000 homeless with 40% of the homeless population being familie

Arizona Teen Helps A Blind Homeless Man Living Under a Tree

Calvin is a 14-year-old middle schooler who felt he had to act when he saw someone in need. Every da

Special Group Empowers Refugee Children To Share Their Stories

My Story Matters is an organization, founded by Amy Chandler, designed to help everyone realize they

Wheeler Ride Gets Utah Food Bank 42,000 Meals In Just 5 Hours

June 11th, 2016 was the 13th Annual Wheeler Ride, a charity motorcycle ride hosted by Wheeler Machin